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[SNG] Multi-Gaming Community (RECRUITING) [CS:GO, TF2, GMod, CS:S, MC]

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[SNG] Multi-Gaming Community (RECRUITING) [CS:GO, TF2, GMod, CS:S, MC] Empty [SNG] Multi-Gaming Community (RECRUITING) [CS:GO, TF2, GMod, CS:S, MC]

Post by Ren3gade on Sun Jul 28, 2013 11:33 am

JoinSNG . com

Shutup & Game is a Multi-Gaming Community that was established on June 26th, 2013 and has been growing ever since.

[SNG] is a full out gaming community, who welcomes everyone. Wether you are a noob or veteran, or whether you play hardcore or casual, Shutup & Game is just the place for you. The games we specialize in are: CS:GO, CSS, TF2, GMod, and Minecraft. Shutup & Game is here to provide everyone with the best gaming experience possible.


Our Servers:

==== * Counter-Strike: Global Offensive * ====
[size=x-small](Do you play CS:GO competitively? Then check out our Custom Rotation server and our website as well. We are looking for some more competitive CS:GO players to matchmake and scrim with us!) [/size] - Competitive Custom Rotation :: 128tick :: FastDL :: gameME Stats

==== * Team Fortress 2 * ==== - 24/7 Minecraft TRADE :: SteamRep :: FastDL :: gameME Stats

==== * Garry's Mod * ====

==== * Minecraft * ====

==== * TeamSpeak * ==== - Join in and chat!


We are Recruiting! Interested in Joining? Then visit our forums at www . JoinSNG . com and fill out an application to join!

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