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M21C is now recruiting

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M21C is now recruiting Empty M21C is now recruiting

Post by warking on Fri Dec 17, 2010 8:26 pm

Hi my name is Warking I am from Mercenaries of the 21st century we are actively recruiting and looking for good players. Which I mean by that is that you don’t hack cheat or glitch of any kind. We are a very structured clan with a chain of command. We take members from 12 and up we also recruit woman to. There is a lot of room for advancement. We have servers in call of duty 4, call of duty black ops, BF2, BF2142 more servers to come as we get more members. We also play AVA and Genesis A.D. we also have a Team speak server to. We also would like to do Tournaments and ladders we have in clan tournaments that our members can enjoy with prizes of all different sorts weather it’s a new game that just came out or a title in the clan. We are looking for members to fill up our clan If you would like to merge with us you can email me at my email.

Thank you,
Our server ips are
Call of duty 4:
Call of duty black ops:
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