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WorldWideGaming - Friendly//Professional//Effective

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WorldWideGaming - Friendly//Professional//Effective Empty WorldWideGaming - Friendly//Professional//Effective

Post by Titan98 on Thu Nov 13, 2014 1:22 am

Good day all gamers!

Who we are:
WorldWideGaming is a new multi-gaming community looking for members, developers (ArmA 3 & GTA) & people to support us!
We are hosting game servers.

What we want to accomplish:
We will work on one project at the time. First off: ArmA 3 Sahrani Life.
The next project will be Life on GTA 5 when it gets released on PC.
We will provide an extreme gaming experience in as many different games as possible!

*Register WorldWideGaming as a company
*Get offices in Norway for the administration
*Be the most professional community around
*Be the most friendly community around

Everybody is welcome! We need support to make this, the only thing we need is YOU!

To find us google: WorldWideGaming (we are .eu)
TeamSpeak 3 Address:

Kind regards,
Simen (Titan)
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