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Primitive beach In Tra Vinh

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Primitive beach In Tra Vinh Empty Primitive beach In Tra Vinh

Post by yugiHD on Wed Feb 29, 2012 3:01 pm

Tra Vinh has attracted tourists from other regions thanks to the ancient beauty of its Khmer pagodas, special festivals and charming scenery. It is also home to Ba Dong Beach, which is famous for its well-preserved primitive beauty, sand dunes, tranquil sea and fresh air.

Primitive beach In Tra Vinh Primitive-beach-in-tra-vinh
Tánh tét Trà Cuôn, a sticky rice cake with star gooseberry
juicce, a famous specialty in Tra Vinh

Ba Dong Beach in Truong Long Hoa Commune, Duyen Hai District, Tra Vinh Province, is famous for its sand dunes shaped by the sea breezes. Along the sand dunes are interesting casuarina forests, which are protective forests acting as buffers against sand erosion. Sweet potato fields are behind the sand dunes, where tourists can harvest the potato with local farmers.

Sweet potatoes in Ba Dong Beach come in many varieties, but khoai bí bin is the most favorite thanks to its sweetness and fragrance. Many kinds of Japanese sweet potatoes have been grown in Duyen Hai. Along the sand dunes are green spinach fields with purple flowers swaying in the breeze.

In the early 20th century, French people built a tourist area in this commune. Nowadays, Nha Trang-Duyen Hai Resort in Ba Dong covers some seven hectares with a food court in the middle of the beach surrounded by shallow water. The sea is shallow enough for tourists to go as far as 500 meters from shore. In the dry season, from December to June, the seawater is as clear as an emerald.

In Ba Dong, tourists will see the glorious sunrise in the early morning and a beautiful sunset with beams of light painting the sand dunes and peaceful villages in rosy hues. There is also a temple where people worship Lady Trieu Thi Trinh, a heroine who recruited troops to revolt against Chinese invaders in the early history of Vietnam. Every year, pilgrims from other regions attend a festival worshiping this lady. Not far from Trinh’s temple is the temple of her brother, Trieu Minh Cong.

Some 200 meters from Lady Trinh’s temple is an ancient tomb amidst wild overgrowth. It is said that this is the resting place of a princess who was a sister of Nguyen Anh (King Gia Long), and followed him to escape from Tay Son troops. When crowned, the king had her tomb rebuilt.

Source: Vietnam Travel
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