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Whoniverse-rp -- Davros and the Daleks

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Whoniverse-rp -- Davros and the Daleks

Post by TheTenthDoctor on Thu Feb 03, 2011 12:58 am

Looking for a fun, clean place to RP?

Whoniverse-rp is a massive Doctor Who RP, covering the entire life of the Doctor. There are individual boards for each Doctor, a Torchwood Board, a Sarah Jane Adventures Board, a Board featuring the Doctor's Parents and Gallifrey, a Board covering the Academy days of the Doctor & Master, and a Time War Board.

Multiple RP's and plots are available in all of the boards.

The board is appropriate for people of all ages. Adult content is not allowed.

Canons and Original Characters are both accepted. Most canons are open, and we are also taking original characters. We need Doctors 3, 4, 7, 9.

We are also in need of children, professors, adults, etc. for our School Days board.

We are a proboards forum.

Check it out!

approved charactersrulesadvertising

Featured threads and boards:
Each month or so, I will have a special ad for a thread on my board (one specific RP that is going on) -- this will be a thread WITHIN Whoniverse-rp. (the above listed ad)

Located in the Doctor's Parents board
Doctor's Parents

What would happen if Davros were to go back in time and try to eliminate the Doctor's mother before he was born?

If you are looking for a bit of romance, Daleks, Time Lords, and humans, as we have just the board for you.

What would happen if a human and Time Lord were to fall in love, back before the Time War?

There are Daleks to be played here, human college/university students, professors, aliens, and Time could be a Time Lord on the High Council, a friend of the Doctor's parents, etc.

We could use lots of Time Lords for this board. If you create a Time Lord for this board, you can use that same Time Lord on any board that takes place before the end of the Time War.

Come, join us....

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