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MetaGaming Community *Looking for staff*

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MetaGaming Community *Looking for staff* Empty MetaGaming Community *Looking for staff*

Post by Chaz on Mon Sep 16, 2013 10:46 pm


A brief introduction..

I am Chaz (the owner of MetaGaming community.) I wanted to tell you about Metagaming. We are a community based on nice, friendly admins making it possible to have fun. All of these current admins/mods I have worked with in other communities. They are all great admins. We aren't a community that is all serious serious you must do this, must do that. However we do have a few rules, to obviously give you guys some fun with us.

What is MetaGaming?

As mentioned, MetaGaming (www,metagamingcommunity,boards,net please remove the , and replace with . as the forums won't allow links to be posted...) is a gaming community based around friendly staff to allow players to have fun. We are currently in progress of customising our first server, which will be Garrysmod DarkRP. Before you stop reading and cross us off the possibility list, it will not be your average DarkRP. It has been under customisation for a good month and a half already, expecting it to be finished by late September or early October. We do have about 9/10 admins now, so we have a stable team to help run the server, with players from different places on the globe, meaning more admin coverage rather than me just having people from the UK doing it, ignoring players who might play between 2am-6/7am which may then have an unpleasant experience within our community where rules may be broken. This again, allows more fun because you don't have some random muppet jumping into the server, spamming stuff and crashing it.

How do you plan to ensure players have fun?

Well, I take a disliking to people who want to ruin the fun. Hence hiring a team of staff who are legitimately good at what they do. They actually have a sense of humour, and like to join in, rather than fly around the map picking everyone up and screaming in their faces. They know when rules are broken, and will deal with it fairly and accordingly. We want to use NFO servers to host our Garrysmod, and maybe other game servers too. They are renowned for good service, and great uptime with not much lag at all.

Will you hire me for staff if I join?

The post does say looking for staff. This is true in some aspects. I need trustworthy people, so you do need to prove yourselves first. Which, unfortunately can only be done through commitment. Joining the server, playing, helping out. Posting on the forums etc. Coders are required, along with forum moderators. They are slightly easier to get. If you get one of these positions aswell, you stand yourself on good ground to get moderator/admin before meeting the requirements. It's fairly basic what you have to do. Have fun, get known on the server and forums. So, it's not too difficult. We are looking for these types of people. Do not think that meeting requirements will be the be all and end all of getting rank. THIS IS NOT TRUE. I only want people to meet the requirements if I don't see much of what they are like. Other than that, staff referrals can get you promoted.

Should I join?

Well, being the owner of the community. My Bias answer would be yes. However, I am not going to say yes. I will leave it up to you. The community is undergoing a lot of work at the moment. Meaning, forum editing, gamemode editing etc. Please take this into account if you do decide to look at us, as at the moment. Looks aren't everything. The famous saying, "Don't judge a book by its cover" sort of springs to mind when I type this. It seemed relevant. We are looking for the people that make this community work. It's one thing having a stable team of staff, but without you guys. A community is nothing. You are the ones who make or break us.

The boring soppy part at the end

I would like to thank you for taking your time to read this, I hope to see you guys in the near future as part of the community!

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