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Post by gregory2590 on Sun Oct 23, 2011 9:42 am

AltCTRLGame is a "melting pot" gaming community that's composed of gamers of all types that all came to talk about our favorite(or at least one of our favorite) interests: Video games! We game with each other, talk to each other, joke with each other, train each other, and have fun with each other. We are still a growing community, and with your help, we can grow much more!

What we are:

As stated before, we are all gamers just like you. Competitive, Casual, Hardcore, Traditional, all in one place.

Why do we exist:

The owner, Shallwhat, always wanted to have a huge group of gamers in one place. Normally, this sounds like what people would call a boring pipe dream, however, based on past gaming events I had with him and many other people, I know it's possible for us to go through with this.

How will we stay in existence:

It's very simple. We need you. We need your friends. We need other fellow gamers of any interest. Communities only survive because of the people who live in it. Ask yourself this: How badass would it be to have a "town" that's completely filled with gamers?

(since i can't post links yet, search "altctrlgame" on google with the quotes included and it should be the first result)
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