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Post by internetimm30 on Fri Jun 24, 2011 9:35 pm

Japan offers its business men an inexpensive hotel to stay at when they don’t make it home for the night. Whether they were out partying in the city’s red light district or they dedicated too many hours to a project at the office, Japans entrepreneurs have created a simple solution; a night stay at a capsule hotel. Like many metropolitan areas real estate is expensive and many employees must live outside the city. In metropolitan areas such as Tokyo the main mode of transportation to get home is the train. However when a project comes along that needs their devoted attention they usually can’t make the last train home and have to stay overnight at a capsule hotel.

The name capsule hotel comes from the size of the dwelling. They are typically stacked 2 capsules high and each provides a space for a single individual. They host a size no larger than a XL coffin. At around 3 feet wide and 6 feet long, with a height that barely allows enough room to sit up and read if one chooses. In order to conserve space the matters is very thin, no more than a few inches in thickness. The inside of the capsule has a minimalist feel, equipped with just the basics. A TV that is attached to the ceiling, a radio, air conditioning, a table and curtains or blinds to help shield the morning light and make a meager attempt to provide adequate privacy.

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