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Staff Wanted Thanks

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Staff Wanted Thanks Empty Staff Wanted Thanks

Post by the-crazy-ads on Sat Oct 16, 2010 5:15 pm

Site Name:Pc Support Forum
Site Link:
Positions Vacant: 1. Mod 1. Designers 1. Support Staff

The Support Team will be there to help members with their computer.

Here are a few basic requirements, they are;

• You must be 13 or over in age

• Be a regular active member on the forums, logging in at least daily to check over new threads/posts.

• Be well spoken, and polite to all members.

• Have good English skills.

Your roll would include basic moderation tasks such as;

• Deleting/editing inappropriate threads/posts.

• Moving misplaced threads to their appropriate section on the forum.

• Posting stickies & locking topics where applicable.

[b]Position Your After:[/b]
[b]Past Experience:[/b]
[b]Notes & Comments:[/b]

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